Advanced Training Course in Science Journalism 1.0

Science Journalism Certification, Real-World Science Communication Training, Content Management System and Online Publishing Training, Know-how of Advanced Tools and Technologies

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Pankaj Mishra, Tiash Saha, Medgenera
Last updated on: 01/10/2018

Science Journalism Certification, Real-World Science Communication Training, Content Management System and Online Publishing Training

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4 hours on-demand video

25 learning sessions

19 quizzes, final assignment

Certificate of completion

Full lifetime access

What will you learn?

What is the importance and scope of science journalism?

What is the necessity of science communication in the current industrial scenario?

How can you make a rewarding career in the science communication field?

How can you make a career in the healthcare journalism?

What are the sources and databases to collect the information?

How to create a good science news story?

How a create a science feature news story?

How can you increase the audience base?

​How to take interviews of famous personalities for your write-up?

How can you handle the controversial science topics?

How to pitch your story to big media for the publication in their journals/websites?

Learn the effective content promotion strategies

Learn tips and advanced tools for the effective journalism

Sharpen your skills by practically performing the final assignment

The demonstrations of the content management system (CMS) and online publishing

Who is this course for?

Any science graduates, postgraduates, PhDs, postdocs who requires techniques for effective science communication.

Healthcare sciences such as Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences graduates, postgraduates, PhDs, postdocs who requires to learn the tools and techniques to create and communicate healthcare news and products to the wider audience.

Working professionals who require to learn the tools and techniques to enhance their career in science communication and product explanation.

It's perfect for complete beginners with zero experience in science communication.

It's also great for anyone who does have some experience in scientific writing such as publishing in science journals or blogs.

If you want to take ONE COURSE to learn everything you need to know about science journalism, take this course.

This course also focuses on the healthcare/medical journalism with special examples and the assignment, thus can be beneficial for anyone keen to target the healthcare industry. See the course brochure:

Course Curriculum

In Module 1, we will be introducing you to the science journalism. We will talk about why it is different than other journalism areas. In the same module, we will also enumerate the differences between a science writer and a science journalist and also learn the essentials of the science journalism. By the end of Module 1, you will be able to understand how the field of science journalism is getting more and more rewarding and how the demand for good science journalists/communicators will go skywards in coming years.
In Module 2, You will look onto how to spot and create a good science news story. You will learn the tools and tricks to create a stellar story for your audience.
In this module you will get to know about the difference between science news writing and a science feature story. You will learn how to plan a science feature story and understand how you can start writing a feature story with your own ideas. Further in this module you will learn some common styles of writing which are being popularly adopted these days by science writers in their writing. Later you will learn about covering some crucial part of science writing which is covering investigational stories and science policies.
In this module you will learn about taking interviews. As a journalist, approaching scientists, researchers, policy makers and interviewing them could be overwhelming but to accomplish it productively and to make it more advantageous for your side needs skill. In this module, you will understand about: 1. How to approach a scientist for an interview? 2. What questions to ask during the interview? 3. Things to keep in mind during an interview
“All that glitters is not gold.” Same is true for the information that you receive from all the primary and secondary sources to write your article. As a science journalist you have to dig deeper into the information present upfront to reach its reality or true essence. Many times, while doing that you may reach to some facts and information that is controversial. In this module you will learn to put across that controversial news across your audience responsibly.
In this module, you will understand how you can pitch your stories to various media outlets like newspapers, science magazines etc. Just good writing is not enough until you get it published somewhere where people can read and get benfit from your story and acknowledge your work.In this module, you will learn what a good pitch is? How you can write a good pitch and how you can pitch it to the editors for publication?
Content promotion is one of those crucial skills that one should master. Ideally, the content marketers are the expert for the content promotion strategies. But what if in your new role you don’t have adequate manpower or budget to hire a content marketer or an agency. In this module, let’s learn some effective ways to promote your content on your own and also understand the content distribution channels.
After learning about how to create the best content for your audience and then making strategies to promote them. Let’s learn what is a content management system and how can you publish online? Firstly, you will learn where and how you can publish your articles for free and acquired a follower-base. Further, you will also learn about: what is a CMS? Why choosing the best CMS is one of the most important factors in the online publishing? What are the Benefits of Content Management Systems, particularly for the small business? What is the best CMS currently available for the online publications and digital marketing? Later you will also get the demonstration of a popular and most widely used CMS called WordPress. You will also learn about some plugins that are going to make your life easier while publishing online and collaborating with your team or other writers.
You will be submitting an assignment based on the learning from this course. One of the three assignment is mandatory if you wish to apply for the role of a healthcare journalist or content writer at the Medgenera. Upon successful completion of the assignment, you will be entitled for the certificate of completion of the course.

Course Creator

Established in April’16, Medgenera is a leading global healthcare news and resources publishing company. It serves healthcare professionals, students, researchers and the employees of pharmaceutical companies, and several major universities and research institutions in India and abroad. Many of their readers are the key decision makers and hiring managers in renowned pharmaceuticals companies such as Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Amgen, Sun Pharma, Cipla, Biocon, Zydus and Hetero Drugs to name the few.
Pankaj is the CEO & Founder of Medgenera. He has spent the last few years guiding young science communication enthusiasts how to create and communicate the healthcare content effectively to the wider audience. He and his team have created several healthcare content masterpieces that took over the online space in a short time. As a startup founder, he has mastered the art and techniques to make the cost-effective content promotion strategies. In this course, he is going to share his practical learning experiences and give you the advice and recommendations that have worked for the success of Medgenera. He is also a Ph.D. student at the University of Freiburg, Germany. He has studied Masters of Pharmacy at the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) and Bachelors of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) from SBSPGI, Dehradun. He is the co- or corresponding author of 6 publications and a book chapter published in renowned international journals such a Wiley, Nature Publishing Group, Frontiers Microbiology, Elsevier etc.
Tiash Saha is a known healthcare science journalist and the former in-house editor of Medgenera. She has authored 1000+ healthcare news and cornerstone feature articles that have continuously ranked on leading search engines. Currently, she is working as the associate editor at GlobalData Plc.


Once you enroll in the course, you will have access to all lectures, videos, quizzes, and the assignments. Upon successful submission of the course fee, you will also receive an email mentioning the further details on how to access the course.
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No! There is no time limit to complete the final assignment. But it should be within the time-specified to complete the course.
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Ratings and Reviews



Chitra Kumar, Biocon


Pankaj is an excellent instructor. I loved how he turned the complex topics into something so simple. He amazingly showed how to become an effective science communicator. Kudos!


Deepak Pandey, JNU


I took the beginner course and couldn't resist to enroll into this course. Both these courses are excellent.


Amit Mudgal, Lovely Professional University


I've read a lot of news and blogs, followed many science bloggers, listened to their advice and to me this course is the best that I got into so far. This course really covers every aspect of science journalism. The special suggestions by the instructor (Pankaj Mishra) who is also the CEO & Founder of Medgenera, to how to start a venture in it is really very nice.


Nikita Upadhyay, BHU


I would definitely recommend this great course to anyone who has an interest in writing and has an understanding of science. It is a brilliant course I would say! It is really important to know how can we reach the scientific as well as the non-scientific audience and let them know about the wonderful research going on in the world.


Kelly, UCLA


A very well thought and highly intensive course. The best thing is the experiences shared by the instructor in building the business on the science content. I absolutely enjoyed the course!! The quiz section is an advantage to keep on the track.


Marc Biersner, Dublin


My recommendation for the course: 5 out of 5. Starting from no experience with the science communication to writing my own article on the LinkedIn. My post gained 110 Likes in 24 hrs! Big thing for me! Thanks a ton for making this course.


Faizan, University of Karachi


I was struggling hard to decide what to do after my post graduation. I decided to take this course and I must admit that this is the best thing I have done this year. Thank you! You have turned my interest in writing into a professional career. I am freelancing now and have already helped few clients.


Michael Decker, University of Michigan


The course is very well structured. Quiz is an efficient addition. Had a very pleasant experience with lots of learning.


Dr. Saleh Rifai, 1mg (India)


In the quiz, the question which forces you to re-watch the video is a very smart and efficient addition. It is something I didn't see in any online course I enrolled in.