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The new way to explore healthcare industries

Let’s face it-- we all have been ill-informed about the healthcare industries– until now. Medgenera combines real-time data and unique design to provide you an amazing experience of search and knowledge about the healthcare industries. It is a search engine and news platform for healthcare industries.

It is where everyone connected with these industries any which way, consultants, organizations, institutions, professionals, and students learn and look for every nitty gritty information to their field of interest.

Medgenera is not just another startup, it is a vision of possibilities, potential and a platform with a plethora of countless opportunities, for everyone, who wants to make a difference in healthcare (e.g. Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Lifesciences etc.) industries.


Empowering everyone through precise, accurate and updated information

Established in April 2016, Medgenera is #1 leading website for healthcare ‘industries’ updates. Medgenera showcases new drug approvals, clinical trials, health and wellness guidelines, technological advancements and market insights. It features exclusive reports on bio-entrepreneurship and business, following reviews on cutting-edge research, products, and solutions solving the healthcare problems.

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Bringing healthcare industries closer to everyone

Searching a healthcare company have never been so easy. Medgenera has more than 12, 000 healthcare companies already listed and each day it continues to grow. It is by far the largest database of healthcare companies in India. Built on the concept of data intelligence, it is an all-in-one search platform with real-time updated information about the healthcare industries. Currently, it allows to search companies by Industries (56 industrial categories including Biotech, Pharma, Cosmetics & Skin Care etc.), byDisease Conditions (141 disease categories including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, malaria etc.), by Keywords (such as skin cancer, microbes, capsules, wellness etc.) and by Location (such as Delhi, Goa, Daman, Mumbai etc.).

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Making a difference for jobs seekers

Medgenera provides the real-time updates on the jobs, internships, and scholarships opportunities within the healthcare industries. These jobs can be searched by Industries, by Location, byJob Type, by Education, and by Salary.

To help the job seekers especially the early stage/ fresher to prepare well and in advance for their dream job, we ask the companies about the skills they seek from the candidates in their different departments. Through the employee reviews, the added advantages are to hear from the people who are actually working/have worked in the company.

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Promoting bio-entrepreneurship is our social motivation

Medgenera also works with the social motivation to promote bio-entrepreneurship in India and around the world. To do that we cover the inspiring journey of entrepreneurs and their companies, and collaborates with the organizations to support their endeavors and give in-house trainings through our meetups and additional resources.

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Helping healthcare businesses grow

Medgenera connects the transformative powers of large, engaged healthcare industries interested population to other external stakeholders including industry, research, and entrepreneurship interested institutions and providers. Medgenera gives analytical approach on the business prospect and open the abundant opportunity to help businesses in publicizing their products and ventures with the aim of reaching the target audience.

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