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This Nobel Prize Winner’s Company Reveals Secret of Healthy Aging


Scott Kelly and Mark KellyYou might have heard about the first of its kind ‘NASA Twins Study’. The NASA’s Human Research Program conducted on the identical twin astronauts, Captains Scott Kelly in space and Mark Kelly on Earth to compare their cellular profiles after one year.

The experiment “Differential Effects on Telomeres and Telomerase in Twin Astronauts Associated with Spaceflight” will assess changes in telomere length and shortening rate to provide a deeper insight into the biomarkers of aging and age-related pathologies. This study has definitely shown the scientific interest in telomeres to unveil the secrets of healthy aging.

Nobel prize winner company

Molecular Testing company, Telomere Diagnostics founded by the 2009 winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn launched a novel genetic test- TeloYears™– reveals the cellular age encoded in a person’s DNA.

TeloYears™ is a comprehensive indicator to show how well a person is aging. It does this by measuring the length of one’s telomeres which is the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes which shorten and wear off with age.

Jason Shelton, CEO of Telomere Diagnostics said, “We live in a genetic information age that is intersecting with the growing consumer fitness and health tracking market. TeloYears was designed to be a simple-to-take, easy-to-understand and affordable way to reveal actionable and inspiring self-knowledge that contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle”.


Figure 1. TeloYears™ Sample Test Report (photo credit: Business Wire)

This simple genetic test tells about the cellular wellness of a person by using one drop of blood. The blood sample will be collected by their test kit from the person’s doorstep and will be analyzed in the company’s CLIA-certified laboratory. The person can get the complete report about his overall cellular wellness in two to three weeks. The self-knowledge gained by the test can be utilized to improve the lifestyle including diet, exercise or stress management for healthy aging. The TeloYears test costs $89.

Numerous clinical data from the years of research has established the link between telomeres and the aging process. Many studies have also indicated the role of telomere length in various age-related diseases.

2010 founded Company, Telomere Diagnostics uses its proprietary quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assay to measure the telomere length. It is the world’s leading method of measuring Average Telomere Length (ATL). The Company’s principal shareholder is Paris-based Pradeyrol Développement.

The company seems to extend the NASA investigation to the common people to provide a simple and accessible personalized therapy to them for healthy aging.

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